How do I join a community group?

In our revamped Understood Community (as of October 2019), anyone with an Understood account and a community screen name can read through discussions in any of our groups.


But you need to be a member of a particular group to "like" or comment on threads within it, or to begin your own thread.


To join a group for the first time, visit the group and click on the yellow banner at the bottom of the page. It only pops up when you're within a group you're not a member of.


Or on any group landing page, click Join.


You can join these topic-based groups in the Understood Community:

  • Your Child's Issues: Discuss different learning and thinking differences with other families and our team of experts.
  • School & Services: Read and talk about all things related to your child's education and learning success.
  • Life at Home: Explore how to make day-to-day experiences smoother for your immediate and extended family and social circle.

Another groupUnderstood Community FAQsoffers help for navigating our groups.


Please note that old group memberships are no longer active. Learn how to join the new community groups in our Understood Community FAQs.

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