How do I join Understood expert events?

Our experts are eager to offer advice to families who learn and think differently.


Some expert events take place on social media, some on our Understood website, and some in our Understood Community.


Head to to view all upcoming AND past expert events.


Watch this video, Understood Expert Events: What You Need to Know, and then read on below for more information on each type of expert event.




Our webinars and live video chats usually occur on There, our Understood team interviews leading experts in the field of learning and thinking differences.


During the conversation, you can use the chat box to ask your questions. Our experts will answer in real time, as time allows.



Our Twitter chats occur every Wednesday at 12pm Eastern. Along with an expert co-host, we moderate a discussion related to learning and thinking differences.


Join us to get and share ideas and tips with both parents and professions in the field. To participate in a Twitter chat, visit or search for #ldchat on Twitter.

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